Continuous improvement of our assets invested and their operational performance, including sustainability, is a core element of our approach to business.


Health and Safety

Our target in our investments is to become a safety leader, and to create a workplace without fatalities, injuries or occupational diseases.



Our aim is to achieve sustainable growth wherever we invest in operating. This is central to our values and essential for our licence to operate. We contribute to society throughout our value chain, via employment, procurement, enterprise development, infrastructure and social investment programmes.

Menar has been active in social responsibility initiatives from its inception, aiming to achieve permanent beneficial impacts on communities in the geographies invested.

The key focus area is support for education.



Our people are our partners and they are fundamental to our success and growth. We treat all our people fairly, uphold their rights and reward them competitively, in line with their contribution to our success.

Human Rights

We respect the human rights of our people, host communities and partners in everything we do.
Our ambition is to eliminate human rights abuses and uphold international standards within the Group and throughout our value chain.



We target to minimise our potential effect to the environment we may have direct and indirect impacts on, complying with or exceeding relevant regulations of the countries we invest in operating.