Mid-tier coal mining and exploration group Canyon Coal, which has operations and projects in Mpumalanga and Gauteng, connected families who live next its Phalanndwa colliery in Delmas, to its electricity grid.

Phalanndwa GM Alan Mabbett noted the company was “excited” to provide free electricity connections to the community as it would radically improve their lives. “We are committed to joining hands with our communities to improve their lives. Community development is an

integral part of our business and we see it as a norm than an exception.” 

“When I moved here there was no electricity. We used candles and a coal stove to cook. It’s been difficult but we managed to come by. Now that we have electricity, it is life changing. It will be easier for me to take care of my kids, and we can put some Christmas lights up for the first time ever. We are so happy,” said home-owner Kate Madisha.

Twenty-two-year-old Jabulani Jiyane grew up next to the mine. This is the first time he has electricity at home. “I can finally charge my phone!” he said.

Jiyane added that most families in the small village bought TV’s, radios and sound systems. “We can finally live a normal life.”

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