Mining company Canyon Coal has introduced a remarkable update to its website and made it fully accessible to deaf, and visually impaired users – a first among the South African mining companies.

The corporate social responsibility project, worked closely with the South African National Deaf Association (SANDA) in order to compile a website that meets the standards set out on the South African National Council for the Blind (SANCB).

By translating the content on the website, into South African sign language, the information is now accessible to the deaf community. In order to make it a blind-friendly one, some specific web design methods, which are specific to the goal, have been used

Vuslat Bayoglu, the Executive Chairman of the company, summarizes the motivation behind this project as such,

“The deaf community, in South Africa is struggling to make South African Sign Language the 12thofficial language of the country. As Canyon Coal, we hear their voices and shoulder the responsibility of diminishing their barriers as much as we can.

“As Canyon Coal, a socially responsible corporate citizen, we are aware that taking these baby steps is not a “favor” but is our “obligation” to South African people with special needs and the society as a whole. As being the first South African mining company having a “disabled-friendly website”, we hope to spark the sensitivity and responsibility for disabled people of South Africa.”

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