Fifty young learners involved as a ‘Tree-preneurs’  are involved in the highly successful Wildlands Conservation Trust Greening Project being coordinated in the area through a funding and partnership with Zululand Anthracite Colliery (ZAC).

The project sees learners from Njomelwane and Nqolothi Primary Schools under Mlaba Traditional Authority,  collecting indigenous tree seeds from the bush in their area, propagating them, planting and nurturing them until they are well established – about 50cm in height – and then using these plants to barter for groceries; bicycles; Jojo Water Tanks or whatever it is they need.

Tree stores or bartering of trees for goods are held twice a year. This project addresses not only preserving the environment but also basic human rights of the people in the area by affording children the opportunity to uplift themselves and their families while working towards replacing alien invader plants with indigenous species.