UKHOZIFM School Uniform

Background of the Annual ZAC UkhoziFM School Uniform Programme

The Annual ZAC UkhoziFM School Uniform programme was started in 2011 following a request to ZAC from Sipho Mbatha (DJ Sgqemeza of UkhoziFM) for funding to distribute the school uniforms as part of the UKhozi Cares Drive. 12 schools were identified in the vicinity of ZAC with 20 children per school being nominated. ZAC challenged him to also add three schools that he will personally pay for resulting in 15 schools being included in the programme with a total of 300 learners benefitting from with full school uniform kits. The kits consist of a tunic, skirt and shirt/trouser and shirt, a pair of socks, school shoes, a jersey and a school tie where applicable.

The programme has grown in the past few years to include service providers, ZAC’s majority Union NUM, contractors and the Nongoma Local Municipality, the Department of Co-Operative Governance, ZAC employees such that in 2015 30 schools were identified each with 15 learners per school receiving the uniform kits resulting in a total of 450 learners benefitting from the programme.