When Gagasi FM was not able to be part of ZAC’s 2013 Community World Aids Day Commemoration they sent us on of their motivational presenters Mr Siya Mhlongo to come and motivate the youth.  

A follow-up request was sent through from the Gagasi FM marketing department to bring Amazulu FC to ZAC for a soccer clinic as part of the World Aids Day Awareness month, seeing the major focus is placed on the Government and everyone else on adults, leaving out vulnerable, infected and affected children as a result of the pandemic.  ZAC agreed to this partnership and the date was set for Friday 13 December 2014.

300 ZAC employee and contractors’ children were registered as per the request from Amazulu and collected from the various ZAC bus route areas and other were delivered by their parents’ transport.  A total of 500 children turned up for the first-ever event of this kind at ZAC despite the absence of Amazulu FC who had to attend the funeral of the late Ex RSA President Dr Nelson Mandela.  The extra 200 children were walk-ins from the surrounding community.

In August 2014 the Soccer team approached Gagasi FM to revive the partnership so that they can fulfil their promise to the Okhukho children made in 2013.  ZAC and Gagasi FM met in September to put the plans of this year together.

At the 2014 event, Amazulu FC has again requested to have 300 children while Gagasi FM has requested an extra 100 which will be profiled so that they receive special Christmas gifts from the Radio Station.   

They are targeting orphans, children heading the family, etc but in the same age bracket of 9-12 years. The profiling will be done by the Community Development Workers for each of the four community members and forwarded to the radio station.

Each child attending the event on the day receives a branded t-shirt, and HIV aids branded gifts.  This will be an annual event.