The Beestepan Agricultural High School is located in Middelburg and is approximately 34km from Singani Colliery. The school is a public school funded by the Department of Education. Upgrades to the Beestepan Agricultural High School forms part of the Social and Labour Plan commitments for Singani Colliery. Canyon commenced with the project in May 2017. The school provided Canyon with a list of needs. To date Canyon has met the following needs from the list:


Upgrading Toilets

Both boys and girls toilets at the school were in a poor condition. Upgrades to the toilets included building of toilet stalls, installing proper doors and handles, resolving electrical faults, replacing broken flushing systems and upgrading its aesthetics.


Security Fence

The current brick fence around the school was broken at various points compromising the safety of the learners. Canyon installed a fence around the perimeter of the school and access gates.

Building Two Chicken Houses

The broiler unit forms part of the academic curriculum and provides a source of income for the school. The chickens are raised by the learners and sold to the surrounding community. Canyon also donated a plucking machine, gumboots, chicken feed, gas bottles and other items required to make this project a success.


From the list of needs, the next item that will be addressed is maintenance requirements of the classrooms and workshop.